• AI Tracking Camera Hilariously Mistakes Bald Referee’s Head For A Soccer Ball

    If you ask a camera operator to track a soccer ball on the field, they probably wouldn’t have much difficulty in doing so, or at least they would have no issues differentiating between a soccer ball and a human head. However, when it comes to AI, it might be a different story, like in the case of a soccer game held in Scotland.

    During the match, an AI tracking camera was used to help track the movement of the soccer ball during the game. However, it seems that the AI was unable to distinguish between the ball on the field and the referee’s bald head. For several moments during the game, the camera actually panned away from the actual game and started to track the referee instead.

    The hilarious results led to the commentator apologizing on the camera’s behalf for distracting from the game. We suppose to be fair, AI

  • Formulas or Code? It’s All Numbers When It Comes to Physics

    Everyone already uses computers in physics. At the very least, students use handheld calculators (I doubt anyone is still using a slide-rule calculator). Also, it’s becoming more common to have students solve physics problem by creating and coding their own programs— and I think that is a good thing. If you aren’t familiar with these numerical calculations (another name for computational physics), the basic idea is to take a problem and break it into many smaller and simpler problems. These smaller problems are easier to solve, but you get so many calculations that you basically have to write a computer program to complete them (but you technically don’t have to use a computer).

    But as numerical methods become more common, we also have to discuss the role of these methods in terms of the nature of science. I often see quotes like this: “Computational methods expand our tool set

  • The PS5’s new controller is amazing, here’s how it works

    When I first picked up the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller I was totally blown away by the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The PS5 ships with Astro’s Playroom, which is the perfect showcase for this controller and everything it’s capable of. Sony has added haptic feedback to its new PS5 controller that makes you feel the environment in Astro’s Playroom, with adaptive triggers that provide tension when you’re drawing a bow or pulling on a cord.

    While it’s easy to dismiss it as just another fancy vibration feature, the new DualSense controller goes beyond what I’ve ever experienced on a Nintendo Switch, Xbox controller, or even the great haptic feedback you’ll find on modern smartphones. The key addition are these new adaptive triggers, that really change the way games feel.

    The new DualSense adaptive triggers.
    TronicsFix (YouTube)

    A new teardown, spotted by Polygon, shows

  • How to get the PS5 ahead of everyone else. Well at least on Instagram.

    You’re scrolling on Instagram when you spot a story from your friend. In the Instagram story is an image of the PlayStation 5.

    Don’t be fooled because the iconic console will only be released worldwide on November 12, 2020 onwards.

    In other words, you just got pranked.

    To the amusement of many, Instagram users in Malaysia are pranking their spouses and followers, through a realistic Instagram filter.

    IMAGE: gwenfckay / Instagram
    IMAGE: kennotzi / Instagram
    IMAGE: cedriccha / Instagram

    The filter, created by Instagram user @aroneverything allows you to include a ‘brand new’ PlayStation 5 in your Story. We know it’s fake but it still hits the spot. Cheap thrill, but hey, thanks what pranks are for.

    Here’s how to use the filter:

    1. Follow @aroneverything on Instagram.

    It’s called the PS5 BOX Instagram Story filter. IMAGE: @aroneverything / Instagram.

    2. See that emoticon in the middle (circled in

  • New York Institute Of Know-how (NYIT)

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