• Researchers Develop Special Paint That Helps Reduce The Need For Air Conditioning

    The colors that we choose to paint rooms, houses, or buildings do more than just change the way it looks. Colors can affect one’s mood as well, but it can also have an impact on the overall temperature. This is because different colors absorb light differently, with some colors absorbing light more than others, which is why colors like black are known to retain heat.

    In a bid to help reduce the need for air conditioning which can consume a lot of electricity and also release by-product gases into the atmosphere, researchers at Purdue University have developed a special form of white paint that they claim can reduce surface temperatures by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit compared to their ambient surroundings, thus replicating the effects of a refrigerator but without consuming any energy at all.

    This means that by using this paint to help paint buildings or rooms, it could

  • What Happens When You Fly a Science Plane Through Wildfire Smoke

    That said, the air wasn’t exactly fresh inside the cabin. “It smells like you’re flying through a campfire,” says Palm. “It’s an exciting way of doing science because the reactions are happening right in front of you. And you’re measuring them happening in real time in the atmosphere.”

    To understand what the team found, first we have to talk about gasoline and sugar. Drip a bit of gasoline on the pavement and you’ll smell it immediately, because it’s highly volatile—it evaporates quickly. To put it another way, it doesn’t want to stay condensed. Sugar sitting in a bowl on your table, on the other hand, isn’t volatile, so it stays condensed. “You don’t really worry about your table sugar evaporating,” says University of Washington atmospheric scientist Joel Thornton, coauthor on the new paper. “Over time, it’s a much stickier, lower-volatility molecule.” Sticky in this case means molecularly sticky—if you

  • Trump falsely and predictably claims he already won the 2020 election

    President Donald Trump prematurely claimed victory in the 2020 election early Wednesday morning, telling a live TV audience that he’d already won — while also threatening to take legal action against votes that have yet to be counted, even though many states are continuing to process legitimate mail-in ballots.

    “Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump said, while also suggesting he would take legal action to keep further ballots from being counted.

    Initially, Trump stopped short of declaring a win, instead focusing on individual states where he’s done well. Even there, however, he appears to have lied about some of the details — prompting NBC News to cut him off and fact-check him in real time:


  • Pixel 5 Will Automatically Enable Reverse Wireless Charging When It’s Plugged In

    More smartphones these days are arriving with support for reverse wireless charging. What this means is that users will be able to use their own phones to wirelessly charge another device that supports wireless charging, like another smartphone or a case for their wireless earbuds, which is a pretty useful feature to have.

    However, the problem is that most of the time, users will need to manually enable the feature which can be a bit inconvenient and troublesome if you use the feature frequently. However, according to 9to5Google, they spotted a support document for the Google Pixel 5 which revealed that the handset actually automatically turns on reverse wireless charging when it’s plugged into a charger.

    This feature, known as Battery Share, will turn itself on when it detects that the Pixel 5 is being charged, and is also smart enough to know when the feature isn’t being used and