• Stretchable, Synthetic Skin Lets Users ‘Feel’ Objects In Virtual Reality

    As immersive as virtual reality (VR) tech is visually, there is a bit of a disconnect between what you see and what you can “touch” in a VR environment. We’ve seen companies come up with various ways to allow users to feel objects in VR, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that researchers at Cornell University have also come up with their own solution.

    This comes in the form of a stretchable, synthetic skin that’s attached to fiber-optic sensors. By using a stretchable material, it would allow for a variety of applications, not just for humans, but it could also apply to robots where allowing them to feel objects, it could help them recognize these objects that could increase their capabilities and functionality.

    According to lead researcher, Rob Shepherd, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the College of Engineering, “Right now, sensing is done mostly by

  • Wilderness Rescuers Brace for a Rough Covid-19 Winter

    This story originally appeared in High Country News and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

    Every winter, volunteers from Seattle Mountain Rescue are dispatched to the sites of dozens of harrowing incidents: They rescue backcountry skiers buried in avalanches, help injured hikers descend slick trails—and once, they even removed the wreckage of a single-engine plane from a mountainside. Volunteers must tackle steep, avalanche-prone mountain terrain, carrying the requisite gear to ward off hypothermia. Once on the scene, they rig anchors and ropes to carry out rescues, a time-intensive project that often lasts until after dark. “I can’t think of a time I didn’t come out in a headlamp during a winter mission,” said Cheri Higman, chairperson of the organization.

    And this winter may be harder than usual, thanks to Covid-19. Owing to the pandemic, outdoor recreation skyrocketed this summer, and that trend is projected to continue into the

  • Social app Parler apparently receives funding from the conservative Mercer family

    Social media app Parler receives financial backing from conservative hedge-fund investor Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, The Wall Street Journal reported. The app, founded as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook which bills itself as “viewpoint neutral” saw nearly 1 million new downloads in the days after the US presidential election, rocketing it to the top of the iOS and Google Play app stores.

    Parler turned into a kind of de facto home for conservatives’ protests against the election— including the persistent “Stop the Steal” campaign— after the race was called for former Vice President Joe Biden. Several high-profile conservative social media personalities encouraged people to abandon Twitter and Facebook because of their moderation policies, and instead follow them on Parler.

    According to the WSJ, the Mercers, known for giving financial support to conservative causes and organizations, including Cambridge Analytica, have not previously revealed

  • Scientists have discovered a new tree frog and it’s adorable

    A team of diverse researchers and scientists recently discovered a new genus (category) of frogs in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and also northeast of India.

    As reported by Hindustan Times, the genus has been named Rohanixalus, after Sri Lankan taxonomist Rohan Pethiyagoda.

    Frogs of this genus are characterised by a small and slender body (2-3cm), contrasting lateral lines and distinct behavioural traits.

    According to Deccan Herald, the main behavioural trait noticed by researchers were the maternal parental care patterns. The mother frog attends to the egg clutches until hatching and assists in the release of the tadpoles.

    This behaviour isn’t seen across all frog species’ so it is unique.

    The science and discovery aspect of it is truly impressive but look at how small and cute it is!

    IMAGE: Deccan Herald

    Remember it’s only 2-3 cm, so it’s really smol and precious.

    IMAGE: Novataxa

    Look at those

  • What Is The Distinction Between HD And 3D Know-how?

    Human beings are endowed with probably the most developed mind of all the species to ever inhabit this planet referred to as the earth. Bandwidth. In the Connectivity of tomorrow chapter in this yr’s Tech Developments report, we examine how in this data-hungry world advanced networking may maintain the important thing to our digital futures. A main networking part is 5G, the subsequent era of cell connectivity know-how that’s poised to dramatically improve the pace and capacity of wireless networks. For his or her clever interface networks to site visitors knowledge inside and between techniques and not using a lag, firms will want the type of bandwidth that 5G provides.

    An introduction to the research course of and strategies for retrieving info in a library or through online sources. about cognizant technology solutions The purpose is to identify an data need and locate, evaluate, and use acceptable sources in line …