• South Korean News Channel Introduces An AI-Powered News Anchor

    There are reasons why news anchors are still relevant in this day and age when you can easily read news online. This is because anchors have personalities and a way of delivering the news and analyzing them with their comments that can make a particular piece of news insightful and provide more context than just reading them.

    However, it seems it is possible that one day, these new anchors could be replaced by artificial intelligence. This has kind of already happened over in South Korea where cable channel MBN became the first broadcaster in the country to introduce an AI-powered news anchor dubbed AI Kim.

    This AI news anchor is actually based on a human news anchor who also works for MBN called Jim Ju-ha. According to AI Kim when it introduced itself, “I was created through deep learning 10 hours of video of Kim Ju-ha, learning the details of

  • Ancient Dog DNA Reveals Their Enduring Connection With People

    After that domestication event, some things do seem to have stayed constant. According to the team’s results, after dogs split off from wolves over 11,000 years ago, wolves never made a major reentry into dog populations (until, perhaps, the contemporary craze for wolfdogs). Given that dogs and wolves belong to the same species and produce perfectly healthy offspring, this discovery came as a surprise to the authors. They inferred this result from the observation that some wolves are equally related to all ancient and modern dogs, which indicates that all dogs have the same amount of wolf ancestry. The logical explanation is that wolves didn’t contribute substantially to the dog gene pool after domestication. If, instead, wolves had continued interbreeding with dogs, the team would have expected to observe that all wolves were more closely related to some dogs—which had wolves in their family trees post-domestication—than others, which only

  • Google’s Pixel 5 camera app comes to older Pixel phones

    Google has started to push out version 8.1 of its Google Camera app to Pixel phones, meaning owners of older devices will be getting some of the functionality from the new Pixel 5. Version 8.0 of the app was previously only available on the Pixel 5, but 9to5Google reports that 8.1 should work on phones as old as the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. The update was first noticed by Kelvin Peralta on Twitter.

    The app isn’t a total overhaul, but some of the features have been redesigned or reshuffled. New additions include zoom shortcuts along with the “Audio Zoom” ability to reduce background noise. There’s also the new Cinematic Pan video recording feature from the Pixel 5 that helps with smooth panning shots, although it seems this is only being added to the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, according to 9to5Google reader reports.

    The update is still

  • Apple Joins Alliance That’s Looking Into Developing 6G Technology

    While 5G has yet to fully roll out across the US, let alone the entire world, it seems that companies aren’t wasting time trying to develop the next-gen tech that follows 5G, which comes in the form of 6G. In fact, taking part in that alliance is none other than Apple, who has only recently just released their first 5G capable iPhones.

    Dubbed the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), Apple joins a bunch of other big tech and communications companies who are looking to help develop 6G tech for the future. While it might sound like these companies are getting ahead of themselves, we suppose having an early headstart is not a bad thing.

    According to the announcement, “Designed to set the foundation for a vibrant marketplace for North American innovation in future generations of mobile technology, the Next G Alliance is named after its primary goal: to

  • Know-how, Humans, And Points Of View

    While computer systems are actually an important a part of the lives of human beings, there was a time the place computer systems did not exist. This can be a new technology that’s assistive for disabled individuals. The prosthetic limbs are mind managed which supplies real responses. The sensory feedback is controlled by the mind. Exoskeletons combined with synthetic intelligence yields such a singular technology which might make the disabled really feel good once more. It is also known as genetic engineering, which will trigger the average person to go into a sweat fearing that he could have simply eaten some genetically altered food for breakfast.

    Beneficial: WRTG 112, WRTG a hundred and one, or WRTG 101S. An outline of the role of scientific methodology, information dealing with, and administration practices in analysis and manufacturing laboratories. best definition of technology The purpose is to examine scientific ideas; analysis and improvement …