80-year-old uncle has a genius way of writing down his details when checking-in

Technology can be hard. I’ve been messing around with tech since I was 10 years old and yet I still find myself figuring out and finding new things about it.

So, can you imagine what it’s like for our parents and grandparents who were born in an age where people used to use pay phones and landlines? Yes, once upon a time, the world didn’t have smartphones. Shocking right?

And yes, you might be thinking, “Well its time to learn right?” That’s true but sometimes when you’re old, things are not so simple.


Because of COVID-19, everyone must have a smartphone due to the contact tracing app the Malaysian government has developed. But for people like Gan, using a smartphone can be tedious work.

For those that don’t have a phone, they’ll need to write their names and details down. But Gan had a much better idea: He created a stamp with his name and number.

Gan said because of his poor eyesight, it was hard for him to write his name and number. He also didn’t want to trouble anyone else to help him write down his details. So, he went to a stationary shop and paid less than US$5 (RM20) to make a stamp.

The best problem-solver in Malaysia, uncle Gan. IMAGE: Johor China Press

When asked about it, Gan said, “I just bring it around with me all the time, to makan (eat), to ‘yumcha’ (drink tea), and also for shopping. I just need to press the chop on the book, which is very convenient, and it saves my time.”

Uncle Gan might have bad eyesight and trouble using a phone, but at 80 years old, his problem-solving skills are top notch.

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Cover image sourced from Johor China Press.