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Skype Removes Sign-Up Requirements To Join Video Calls

If there is a reason why Zoom has seen such a huge boost in popularity, it is because the app does not require users to have an account to join video calls. This means that as long as the host has an account and has created a room, all they need to do is provide users with the link and users without a Zoom account can jump straight in.

Unfortunately, Zoom is currently plagued with a variety of privacy and security related issues, so if you’re uncomfortable using Zoom at the moment, we totally get it. The good news is that Microsoft has since introduced an update to Skype that should make the platform a bit more competitive by removing sign-up requirements.

Prior to this, users who wanted to Skype with each other all had to have a Skype account. However, according to Microsoft, “Generate your free unique link

Trials of Plasma From Recovered Covid-19 Patients Have Begun

US Food and Drug Administration officials announced today they have approved plans for nationwide trials of two treatments for Covid-19, the global pandemic disease caused by the new coronavirus—and for their simultaneous use in perhaps hundreds of hospitals.

The therapeutic agents—convalescent plasma and hyperimmune globulin—are both derived from the blood of people who have recovered from the disease, decoctions of the antibodies that the human immune system makes to fight off germs. “This is an important area of research—the use of products made from a recovered patient’s blood to potentially treat Covid-19,” said FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn in a release announcing the trials. “The FDA had played a key role in organizing a partnership between industry, academic institutions, and government agencies to facilitate expanded access to convalescent plasma. This is certainly a great example of how we can all come together to take swift action to help the American people

Here are the best home workouts by fit Asians for all you Asians stuck at home

Do you remember when you were young and your mom had VHS tapes laying around featuring people in funny ’70s aerobic exercise clothing working out to something called ‘jazzercise’?

Well unfortunately, the days of fashionably wearing leotards and sweatbands to a gym class is no longer here. BUT fortunately for us, we don’t even have to go to a gym to still get a workout.

Like many others, I’ve been working from home and refraining from going out in public spaces unless truly necessary, like we should all be doing. And I can’t deny that it’s making me feel the itch to get my feet moving and adrenaline pumping again.

But there’s an easy solution for people like you and me who are searching for a way to get their work out fix without having to disobey stay-at-home orders.

That’s right, I’m talking about home workouts.

If you’re sick of

Peloton won’t stop live classes, and now an employee has tested positive for COVID-19

An employee at Peloton’s New York City-based production studio has tested positive for COVID-19, the company said in a Facebook message to members late Friday night. The studio will be temporarily closed for a cleaning, though the message says production will pick back up on Tuesday, April 7th with “a skeleton crew.”

The employee is now self-isolating. Anyone they may have come in contact with is under quarantine.

While many connected fitness companies have halted production of live workout classes after state orders to shut down nonessential businesses, Peloton has continued to broadcast live classes daily — with anywhere from two to five new cycling and running classes a day, despite pleas from many Peloton subscribers for the company to halt filming entirely. After New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered nonessential businesses to shut down in mid-March, Peloton said it was going to continue operating on a reduced schedule, with