Apple might be canceling the iPhone 9 launch due to the COVID-19 virus

Bad news for all you Apple fans. It seems that the tech giant might be canceling its iPhone 9 launch event due to the COVID-19 virus.

The event, scheduled to be held at Santa Clara County in Silicon Valley, was also to showcase their latest iPad Pro. However, since it’s one of the worst areas affected by the virus in the U.S., the event might not happen.

Renders of what the iPhone 9 might look like. IMAGE: OnLeaks x iGeeksblog

Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech Tweeted that the Apple event would be canceled and that he got the information from his insiders at Apple. He also mentioned that he would dig up more information about the cancellation.

Later, David Phelen from Forbes also stated that his sources who are handling the event also said that it would be canceled due to the virus.

The cancellation might be for the best because the event was supposed to be held in Santa Clara County in Silicon Valley, one of the worst areas affected by the virus in the U.S.

The severe outbreak has led the county to issue a ban on all forms of public gathering as of March 11 for 3 weeks.

However, Apple has not stated if the event would be cancelled or it would still carry on as planned on March 31.

Due to this, the iPhone 9 might be delayed by six months because of the lack of smartphone demand since the virus outbreak. In China alone, government officials reported that iPhone sales have dropped by 60% in February.

How the iPhone 12 would look like based on leaks. IMAGE: Hypebeast

Other reports say that the phone might launch in June 2020 during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – which might be cancelled as well.

The iPhone 12 might also see a delay to October or November 2020 because of the restrictions Apple has placed on its employees from traveling to China to perform prototyping.

Cross your fingers so we might see the new iPhone sooner than later.

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