Astrophysicist Gets Magnets Stuck Up His Nose While Trying To Invent A Face-Touching Sensor

These days it’s becoming more common to see people walking about with face masks on. This is done to prevent the breathing in of the COVID-19 virus. However, the problem with face masks is that due to the fact that many of us are not used to wearing them, it can be uncomfortable which results in us touching our face more often than we should.

This ultimately defeats the purpose of the mask, because touching our face could potentially allow the virus, which could be on our hands, to enter our body system. To help combat this problem, Australian astrophysicist Daniel Reardon came up with an idea to create a sensor that can detect and alert you if you’re about to touch your face.

The only problem was that during the course of Reardon creating the sensor, he ended up getting a pair of magnets stuck up his nose in a hilarious mishap. According to Reardon, his initial idea did not go as planned and during a break, he started putting magnets on his face, like his ears and eventually moved onto his nostrils.

Unfortunately, he put a magnet in his other nostril which resulted in the magnets attracting each other and got stuck in his septum. It seems that he was unable to remove the magnets himself which meant he had to go to the hospital to get them removed. This provided a brief moment of levity for hospital workers as according to Reardon, several doctors and nurses found his predicament funny.

In the end, two doctors were required to remove them, where each doctor had to tug at the magnets in each nostril. We’re not sure if Reardon has returned to working on his invention, but we imagine that he’s probably learnt his lesson about putting magnets in his nose.

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