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  • Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Sequel Has Been Confirmed

    When Paramount first released the trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, it was met with immediate backlash over the design of the character. This was because the character looked nothing like what fans of the video game franchise knew and loved, which led to the movie being delayed while they reworked the design.

    It turned out that it might have been a good idea as the movie went on to do pretty well for itself as far as video game movies were concerned, so much so that it looks like a sequel to the movie has since been officially confirmed. The movie will also be bringing back the team where Jeff Fowler will be directing, while Pat Casey and Josh Miller will be writing the script.

    The movie is said to be in the early stages of development, so there is still no word on casting or

  • What’s Next for SpaceX’s Crewed Mission to the ISS?

    On Wednesday, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were supposed to launch to the International Space Station in SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule. It would have been the first crewed launch from the US in nearly 9 years and the first time that a company launched NASA astronauts on its own rocket. The event was accompanied by the pomp one might expect from such a historic occasion: Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem remotely from her Montana ranch via NASA’s livestream, Elon Musk held court in the mission firing room, and President Donald Trump flew in from Washington, DC, to deliver a congratulatory speech. But just 17 minutes before liftoff, the mission was scrubbed due to concerns of lightning activity near the launchpad.

    Rocket about to lift off

    The WIRED Guide to Commercial Human Space Flight

    Everything you need to know about Blue Origin, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and what actually happens to your body

  • This board game aims to promote racial harmony among Singaporeans and I don’t know what to make of it

    Soon, little ones in Singapore will be able to learn about the different races and religions that are on the island state.

    This is provided if the Kickstarter-funded board game by Raymond Tay materializes.

    Dubbed the Race to Harmony game, Raymond said that the board game aims to teach Singaporeans on the diverse cultural practices and celebrations of various ethnic groups of Lion City.

    How does the board game work?

    In total, six people can play the game and they have to race against each other by answering questions correctly and expressing themselves.

    The game comes with 40 question cards that challenges people’s knowledge about a particular race or religion.

    One of the eight expression cards. IMAGE: Kickstarter.

    “However, they are subjected to luck as there are positive and negative effects along the journey. At the same time, they will enjoy the beauty of diversity in the game,” the Kickstarter

  • Google delays the Android 11 Beta announcement as protests roil US cities

    Google had been planning to unveil new features coming in Android 11 on June 3rd, but it has decided to delay the unveiling. In a tweet on Friday evening, Android’s developer account said that “We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate.” Google says that it will “be back with more on Android 11, soon,” but did not say when that might be.

    Although Google doesn’t explicitly say why, the reason is very clear. The announcement comes as many American cities are filled with protests, looting, and fires. The response to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota has extended well beyond the conflict in Minneapolis. The Bay area where Google and most of its employees are based has seen major conflicts in both San Jose and Oakland the evening when Google made the call its event. It’s

  • Rochester Institute Of Expertise

    The field of biotechnological is vast, and it’s usually exhausting to maintain track of biotechnological advances. Facilitation of technology-primarily based instruction might be applied by student-centered actions. Pupil-centered learning actions allow learners to decide on the topic and learning outcome products. For instance, learning outcomes can embrace making a graph, utilize Excel, and Word software program instruments. Learners can determine how one can make the most of know-how tools and make connections to the real world. The lack to access the Internet is a think about encouraging extra people to start out finding out once more.” (Gorard, Selwyn, & Madden, 2003 p.thirteen) Technology based instruction is motivating learners to realize literacy and marketable expertise.

    Many alternatives throughout stock administration, batch administration and logistics exist. One opportunity with RFID is automating fundamental tracking of products. Present handbook processes require staff to scan and record information as gadgets transfer. RFID can assist …

  • Google Search Has A New Anxiety Self-Assessment Tool

    Are you feeling anxious? Do you think it might be a temporary thing or is it something you might have been experiencing for a while? There is no doubt that the current coronavirus pandemic has gotten many of us worried, and the lockdown is surely not helping with our mental health either, but Google wants to help.

    The company has announced that they have launched a new anxiety self-assessment tool in Google Search. This self-assessment tool consists of several clinically-validated questions that users can answer in order to see if they might be experiencing some form of anxiety, and while it won’t offer up a cure, it will at the very least allow users to better understand what they’re feeling and to seek out professional help if necessary.

    According to Google, “Anxiety can show up as a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms, and it can take decades for