Burn some paper masks to prevent your ancestors from catching COVID-19 in the afterlife

The Hungry Ghost month is upon us and if you partake in Chinese customs and rituals you know what that means.

It’s that time of the month where you may have to burn some paper money as per tradition in order to ensure your ancestors are living comfortably in the afterlife.

But in a time where the coronavirus is still running amok, we need to make sure every one of us is safe.

And that includes our ancestors.

So imagine the surprise of one Chris Goh when he stumbled upon a joss paper shop in Singapore promoting paper face masks on sale for people to burn.

IMAGE: Chris Goh

But instead of freaking out over the new offering, Goh took it in stride.

“Ghost month coming soon, anyone need mask can pm me,” he cheekily wrote in his post.

The masks are being promoted as “ancestors masks” and are being sold for an unknown price, though Mothership reports it to be SG$10 (US$7.28).

Singaporeans are obviously having fun with this new business venture.

IMAGE: Screenshot

This only leads to prove that even in tough times, Singaporeans are both resilient and business savvy.

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Cover image sourced from Chris Goh and Culture Trip.