Businessman creates a life-like silicone statue in memory of his dead wife

For guests who walked into Shrinivas Gupta’s newly constructed home, they encountered quite a shock in their lives.

There, seated at the couch, was Gupta’s deceased wife, Madhavi who had passed away in a fatal car accident in 2017.

So there were probably many guests who can be forgiven for thinking that they saw a ghost when they attended Gupta’s housewarming.

Turns out, it was a life-like silicone statue of Gupta’s wife which was specially made in memory of Madhavi.

According to an emotional Gupta, his late wife had harboured the desire to live in a specially designed house. Unfortunately, she died before she could live in her dream house.

The 57-year-old Indian industrialist said it took Bengaluru based artist Shreedhar Murthy almost a year to create the statue using silicone.

Gupta had initially thought of using wax but due to the hot weather, he was advised to go with silicone instead.

“It is a great feeling to have my wife again at my home; this was her dream home. The house was designed as per her wishes and she alone was monitoring the progress of the construction of the house,” Gupta said to Mangalore Today.

Madhavi left Gupta their two daughters who also miss her very much.

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Cover image sourced from The New Indian Express and Bellevision.