• Nokia Just Won A Contract To Put 4G On The Moon

    The next time you go to the moon and decide you want to snap a photo and post it to social media, you’ll be able to thanks to Nokia who has managed to secure $14.1 million in funding from NASA to help roll out infrastructure that would essentially bring 4G connectivity onto the moon.

    Of course the introduction of 4G isn’t meant for astronauts to post selfies from the moon, but we suppose if the connection is there, why not? Instead, the availability of internet on the moon is designed to help with communication at greater speeds, better reliability, and also further distances compared to currently-available technology.

    Back in the day during the earlier Apollo missions, engineers had to rely on radio communication along with the use of base stations, relays, and a network of transmitters, so it is believed that by using 4G, it could help make the system

  • China Wants To Ban Online Services That ‘Induce Addiction’ In Kids

    Have you ever gotten so engrossed in a game that you ended up spending the entire day playing it without realizing it? Software publishers and developers might consider that a success, but at the same time, these types of games or online services might actually be bad for both mental and physical health.

    So much so that over in China, the country’s government has revised their laws where they want to ban online services that can “induce addiction” in users under 18. This includes things like video games, livestreaming, social media services, and so on. China isn’t outright banning the use of these services or games, but rather they want to crack down on them and make sure that companies who make these games or services have tools that will limit how much a minor can use them.

    This is actually not the first time that China has introduced regulations

  • PS5 Owners Will Be Able To Record Voice Chats And Send It To Sony For Moderation

    Sony recently released a firmware update for the PS4 today that bumps it up to version 8.0. Users who updated their console were suddenly notified that voice chats may be recorded for moderation. Naturally the idea of your voice chats being recorded did not sit well with many who felt that this was a little invasive.

    Sony has since updated its blog to clarify what the feature actually does, and it seems to be more about moderation and dealing with harassers and toxic gamers rather than spying on users.

    According to Sony, “Voice chat recording for moderation is a feature that will be available on PS5 when it launches, and will enable users to record their voice chats on PS5 and submit them for moderation review. The pop up you’re seeing on PS4 right now is to let you know that when you participate in a chat with a PS5

  • Sony Clarifies The PS5’s Voice Chat Recording Function

    Following an update to version 8.0, PS4 gamers were notified of an upcoming feature that would allow the PS5 to record voice chats that could be sent to Sony for moderation. This led to some confusion and some anger, where some thought that this meant that Sony would be recording ALL voice chats, essentially “spying” on its users.

    Sony has since come forward to clarify the feature in a new post, stating that Sony themselves will not be recording the voice chats of gamers, nor will all voice chats be recorded at all. Instead, gamers who are experiencing harassment or abuse over voice chat while they’re gaming have the option of reporting the other player, in which only the most recent five minutes are being recorded.

    According to Sony, “Once the PS5 console launches, if a PS5 player needs to file a harassment report, they will be able to

  • YouTube Wants To Take On Amazon By Developing Its Own Shopping Platform

    Following the changes YouTube has made to how ads are served and how content creators can earn from these ads, many creators are no longer solely relying on YouTube to make a living. Many are instead using platforms like Amazon where they can get a commission from products being sold by using their referral links.

    Obviously this means that products purchased through Amazon means that YouTube gets nothing in the process, but this is something that the company wants to change. According to a report from Bloomberg, YouTube is apparently looking to challenge Amazon by leveraging its platform to create a shopping network of sorts.

    What this means is that instead of viewers clicking on a product and being taken away from YouTube and to another platform like Amazon, viewers can instead shop for a product directly through these videos. Presumably this would give creators a cut as well

  • AirTags Now Pegged For A November Launch

    According to a recent rumor, it was suggested that the AirTags tracking accessory by Apple would not debut at the company’s iPhone 12 event, and would instead be launched in March 2021. Half of it was right because there was no mention of the accessory during the iPhone 12 event, but the other half could now be different.

    According to a tweet by Jon Prosser, he claims that Apple could instead be preparing a launch of the AirTags in November. He claims that Apple will launch the AirTags alongside the release of iOS 14.3, which apparently is set for a release in November, and where the update will contain features that will enable the tracking accessory.

    Prosser also claims that the AirTags are already ready and are good to go, and that the reason why Apple has been delaying the release is because they were waiting for the “right