• Need something to help with your Asian flush? This Singapore startup might have the answer.

    Do you find yourself turning red every time you try to have a little sip of alcohol?

    Well, you’re definitely not the only one experiencing the ‘Asian Glow.’

    According to Yale Scientific, about half or the Asian population (more specifically those from Japanese, Korean, and Northeastern Chinese descent) experience a phenomenon called the Alcohol Flush Reaction (AFR).

    That’s the Asian Glow we’re talking about in case you’re confused.

    IMAGE: Wikipedia

    While it’s usually associated with a flushed face and neck, it can also lead to symptoms such as an increased heart rate, headaches, and nausea.

    Which if you’ve experienced, is not fun at all. Especially when you’re trying to enjoy a night out with friends.

    But a Singaporean startup is trying to promote a new product that could combat that.

    Meet DrinkAid.

    IMAGE: DrinkAid

    Backed by the Singapore Management University (SMU), DrinkAid claims that their product is “the

  • Man on bus uses a snake as a mask. Yes, you read that right.

    At this point in a pandemic, I think we’re all familiar with the different kinds of face masks, right? Surgical masks, cotton masks, N95 masks and even silk masks for when you’re feeling fancy.

    However, we’re not sure what kinda look this guy was trying to go for though… As you can see in the picture above, this man is using a snake to cover his face while on a bus in the UK.

    According to reports, the man boarded the Swinton bus at Salford with the python wrapped around his neck – perhaps in an attempt to mock the mandatory mask ruling.

    The eyewitness said she found the incident to be “really funny” and that “no-one batted an eyelid” upon seeing the man.

    Just in case you were actually wondering, yes, medical experts have strongly discouraged using snakes as a face mask. Duh.

    According to Adam Hart, Professor of

  • These Bluetooth headphones sound good and won’t kill your wallet

    We’re living in an age where it’s beneficial to go wireless. Be it your mouse, keyboard, or even displays. This sudden move to wireless could be traced back to when Apple decided that a headphone jack is not for the cool kids and offered you an absurdly priced wireless earphones.

    Of course, other phone brands decided to follow the footsteps of Apple, and they too decided headphone jacks are not cool anymore.

    Suddenly, you find yourself using more Bluetooth audio devices. When this movement started, I found that wired audio devices were still superior. But wireless technology has caught up significantly to the point where you don’t need to splurge US$300 to get good sounding wireless headphones.

    One such device is the Edifier W820BT, affordable wireless earphones that will not force you to eat uncooked rice for a month.

    It’s a simple and professional-looking headphone.

    IMAGE: Tarvin Gill / Mashable
  • Cambodia might be a poor nation but esports could make it wealthy. Here’s how.

    Cambodia has certainly come a long way since its deadly civil war which happened between 11 March 1967 to 17 April 1975.

    45 years later, much of the effects of the war still lingers. The country, though in recent years have been seeing an impressive growth economically, still battles with poverty.

    The Southeast Asian nation is ranked 14th overall in the world’s poorest countries and it comes in second after Myanmar as the region’s financially impoverished. According to Asian Development Bank’s report from 2018, 12.9 percent of Cambodians live in poverty.

    But there’s still hope.

    Cellcard CEO Ian Watson in the middle. IMAGE: Cellcard.

    Despite the gloomy outlook, Cambodians are hardy people. The nation is now looking to go fully digital within this decade.

    The company that’s paving the path to make this dream become a reality is Cambodia’s first local telco company, Cellcard.

    Speaking to Mashable Southeast Asia, Cellcard’s

  • With this air-conditioned walkway, Malaysians won’t break a sweat when entering Singapore

    Despite the very public feud that Malaysians and Singaporeans have with each other, it’s not hard to admit that both countries rely on each other for a multitude of things that benefit their respective economies.

    And when it comes to the Malaysia-Singapore border, it seems that Malaysians and Singaporeans are just so inseparable to the point of wanting to build a pedestrian walkway straddling the Causeway.

    But this isn’t just some regular pedestrian walkway.


    According to Public Works, Infrastructure, and Transport Committee Chairman for the Malaysian state of Johor, Mohd Solihan Badri, Malaysia is looking to build an air-conditioned walkway that will stretch 350 meters along the Malaysian side of the Causeway.

    The Johor state government has even requested US$7.2 million (RM30 million) in funding from the Federal Government to pay for the walkway.

    Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur are more than familiar with air-conditioned walkways, like this
  • Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude and of course Twitter had jokes

    Chris Evans accidentally posted something he shouldn’t have on Instagram, so let’s enjoy the jokes while respecting his privacy.

    The Avengers and Not Another Teen Movie star’s iPhone camera roll made its way into a now-deleted Instagram post on Saturday. It included a private photo that you should absolutely not seek out. We’re being totally serious; he deserves privacy just as much as any of us. Chris, if you’re reading this, we have a guide for safely storing nude photos.

    He apparently had also saved a meme of his own face with a vulgar phrase that starts with the words “Guard That” followed by a word that should have cost Donald Trump the presidency in 2016.

    That said, Twitter brought jokes, as it always does. You can innocently enjoy some laughs without seeking out private materials that were not meant for your eyes. Here are just a few