• iOS 15 Could Drop Support For iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, Original iPhone SE

    In 2021, Apple will most likely be releasing their next major iOS update in the form of iOS 15. However, in addition to releasing the update, Apple is also rumored to be dropping support for some older iPhones which includes the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and also the original iPhone SE that was released several years ago.

    There is a good chance that by now, most people with the iPhone 6s or original iPhone SE have moved onto newer devices, so the number of people affected by this probably won’t be that big, but at the same time, for those who are still holding onto their devices for whatever reason, perhaps now might be a good time to let it go.

    We should point out that even though Apple may no longer support older devices with the 2021 update, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t go ahead and keep

  • Thai royal consort’s explicit photos were leaked. Is it foul play?

    Explicit images of the Thai royal consort, Sineenat “Koi” Wongvajirapakdi have been leaked in what seems to be a “power struggle” within the Thai royal family.

    Not too long ago, Sineenat was sacked by Thailand’s King, Maha Vajiralongkorn. She had all her titles and privileges stripped off her just 3 months after she received them.

    IMAGE: The Guardian

    This was because she had apparently been “disloyal” and had “ambition” to match the status of Queen Suthida, the king’s fourth wife.

    A year later, the King reinstated all of her titles and privileges back to her.

    What does this have to do with explicit photos of the consort?

    According to journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, who specializes in Thai politics and issues, in August 2020, he received a mysterious SD card containing 1,400 images from Sineenat’s previously owned iPhones.

    IMAGE: Twitter

    He went on Twitter to explain this and how it relates

  • Xbox Series X, Series S Controller Support Coming To iPhone And iPad

    While the majority of mobile games can be played perfectly fine using the onscreen controls, there are some games that might benefit from using an external game controller. However, this in turn raises some issues in which gamers will need to spend extra money on a separate accessory.

    The good news is that so far, a lot of mobile devices already support the PS4 and Xbox One’s gaming controllers, but what about the next-gen controllers? If you’re an Xbox Series X or Series S owner, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has stated in a support document that they are working with Microsoft to bring support for the Xbox Series X and Series S’ controllers in the future.

    Given that Microsoft’s new Xbox consoles were released not too long ago, it’s nice to see that Apple isn’t taking their own sweet time to bring support to these new controllers.

  • This gorgeous township is the most vibrant city in Malaysia’s Southern Klang Valley

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    When looking into buying a property, one important thing to consider is liveability.

    In a nutshell, liveability has to do with the quality of life you’ll have in that property. We all wanna live our best lives, right? That’s where liveability comes in!

    It covers factors such as the built and natural environments, economic prosperity, social stability and equity, cultural entertainment and recreation possibilities, and educational opportunity.

    To ensure liveability, here are some questions you can ask when looking at a property you’re interested in:

    – What are you surrounded by? Is there nature?

    – Are there good schools and other educational institutions nearby?

    – What are the future development plans for the area?

    – What can you do for fun around the area?

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  • Google Will Bring End-To-End Encryption To Its RCS Messages

    One of the features of Apple’s iMessages is that they are end-to-end encrypted. This is more or less the standard that we can expect from most communications apps these days, but oddly enough, Google’s Messages aren’t. However, the good news is that Google has since announced that they will be implementing end-to-end encryption soon.

    For those unfamiliar, Google’s Android Messages is basically’s Google’s answer to Apple’s iMessage, where instead of sending regular, boring SMS, it takes advantage of RCS chat services that will allow for more media-rich text messages, similar to what you might expect from most messaging apps these days.

    However, one of the features it lacked at launch is end-to-end encryption, but like we said, Google did announce that they will be implementing the feature and will be doing so for beta users first before they eventually bring it to the public. For those unfamiliar, end-to-end encryption is

  • Malaysian rapper Namewee’s film ‘Babi’ is banned in Malaysia but makes waves overseas

    Controversial Malaysian rapper Namewee’s venture into filmmaking earned his film four nominations at various international film festivals.

    IMAGE: Malay Mail

    He announced on his Facebook page that Babi received two nominations at the Open World Toronto Film Festival for Best Director and Best Actor.

    The film also received nominations from the Around International Film Festival Berlin (Best Feature Film), International Thai Film Festival 2020, and the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2020 (Best Original Film Song).

    What is Babi?

    The film’s title, Babi, directly translates to “pig” in Malay. It is seen as a derogatory term, commonly used towards the Malaysian-Chinese community.

    The film is based on an alleged race-war that started innocently in a Malaysian high school in 2000.

    The incidents escalate and turn so violent to the point that government authorities get involved to cover them up.

    According to Namewee, the film is based on