• This website replicates the sounds of being in the office again

    Even though I’ve worked from home for more than three years, it can still get lonely at times. My apartment is usually very quiet and almost all of my conversations with my colleagues happen silently over Slack, save for the clatter of my mechanical keyboard. I worked in an office for the first part of my career, and at times, I get nostalgic for the white noise of an office — the idle chatter, the whirring of a too-cold air conditioning system, and other people clattering away at their keyboards.

    If the pandemic has left you surprisingly nostalgic for your office, imisstheoffice.eu, made by Kids Creative Agency, might be the closest thing to actually being back there. When you load up the site, hit the play button in the bottom-left corner and it will play a lot of sounds that are common at most offices: indecipherable snippets of

  • Microsoft reportedly delays Surface Neo beyond 2020

    The Surface Neo, Microsoft’s dual-screen PC that runs a new operating system called Windows 10X, will miss its planned release date of holiday 2020, according to reports from ZDNet and CNBC. The company is said to have shifted its focus to get Windows 10X to run well on single-screen devices like laptops and 2-in-1s.

    The Surface Duo, the dual-screen Android phone that Microsoft announced alongside the Neo last year, is apparently unaffected so far. Third-party dual-screen or foldable PCs, however, like a planned model of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold, reportedly won’t be able to launch this year with Windows 10X, which is likely to mark a major setback for the form factor.

    Microsoft has to date only spoken about Windows 10X in the context of dual-screen and foldable computers, but leaks soon after its announcement suggested the streamlined OS would come to laptops too. While

  • This photographer is taking lockdown portraits over FaceTime

    Lockdown has disrupted everyone’s lives to varying degrees, and wedding photographers are some of the unluckier ones in terms of the impact on their careers — there aren’t any weddings happening, and even if there were it’d be unwise or impractical to attend. Yorkshire-based photographer Tim Dunk, however, has found a way to keep on taking portraits in self-isolation: FaceTime.

    Writing in PetaPixel, Dunk describes the process, which involves making use of the Live Photo button that lets you snap an image during the call. Dunk works with the subjects to find or create good light within their homes, then edits the resulting shots in Lightroom. “The image quality is not going to be great,” he says. “Embrace it!”

    Dunk says he’s done more than 50 shoots over FaceTime already, and is donating £10 ($12) from each shoot to The Trussell Trust, a UK food bank charity.

  • Samsung’s profits are slightly up during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Samsung Electronics is one of the first major tech giants to announce earnings figures since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, and so far at least the company appears to have been relatively unaffected. In guidance released today, Samsung says its first-quarter revenue was approximately 55 trillion won ($44.9 billion), which would be a year-on-year increase of five percent. Operating profit is expected to rise three percent to 6.4 trillion won ($5.23 billion).

    Samsung does not break down its earnings guidance by division or comment on its business performance until the final report is released later in the month. Daiwa Securities’ SK Kim suggests to CNBC that the company’s all-important memory chip unit is likely to perform well in the short term due to the extra demand on data centers as more people shift to working from home.

    It seems inevitable, however, that Samsung’s consumer electronics businesses in particular will be

  • Quibi: how to watch shows and use the app’s features

    Quibi is the latest streaming service to launch in an increasingly crowded market — and it might be the weirdest one yet. Instead of relying on big franchise names or extensive catalogs of old content, like Disney Plus, Peacock, or HBO Max are doing, Quibi is betting big on a mobile-first strategy. Its “quick bites” of content can be watched in 10 minutes or less, and every piece of content can be seamlessly transitioned between separate vertical and landscape versions.

    Interested in trying it out? Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with Quibi:

    How much does Quibi cost?

    Quibi offers two subscription tiers: a $4.99-per-month option with “some ads” and a $7.99-per-month plan with no ads.

    There’s also a limited time 90-day free trial for anyone who signs up at Quibi.com before the end of April, for those looking to try out the service (and check out

  • British 5G towers are being set on fire amid coronavirus conspiracy theories

    5G phone masts are being set alight in the UK, after online conspiracy theories have misleadingly linked the cell towers to the coronavirus pandemic. The BBC reports that at least three 5G towers were set alight within the last week, and police and fire services were called to extinguish the flames.

    “I’m absolutely outraged and disgusted that people would be taking action against the infrastructure we need to tackle this emergency,” said Stephen Powis, the National Health Service (NHS) director, at a daily UK coronavirus briefing. Police have now launched investigations into how the 5G towers caught fire.

    Rumors and conspiracy theories over a link between the roll out of 5G and the spread of coronavirus have been spread primarily through social media networks. A variety of groups exist on Facebook and Nextdoor, where thousands of members repeat false and misleading claims that 5G is supposedly harmful.

    One theory claims