Indian Politician Uses AI To Translate His Speech Into Other Languages

One of the problems with AI these days is that it can be used to create deepfakes. Unlike regular photoshopping or video editing, deepfakes are harder to detect and can come across more realistic, thus making it dangerous (although in some cases, highly entertaining).

However, over in India, Manoj Tiwari has decided to use the technology for “good” (we suppose this depends on your politics, but that’s a different story for another day). By using AI, Tiwari has managed to take his speech and translate it into a variety of different languages so as to appeal to a wider audience and voters.

According to Sagar Vishnoi of The Ideaz Factory, who worked with Tiwari’s political party, “We used a ‘lip-sync’ deepfake algorithm and trained it with speeches of Manoj Tiwari to translate audio sounds into basic mouth shapes.” The end result is surprisingly realistic where you would probably assume that Tiwari is quite the linguistics expert.

Like we said, deepfake videos have been used in the past to sow chaos and rumors and typically have a bad reputation associated with them. However, as we can see in this case, it can be used for more legitimate purposes. Putting aside the politics, we imagine that in the future, it could be used to create more believable dubs in movies, which until today are still pretty terrible.

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