McDonald’s is selling the cutest cat grips to keep your fingers clean and bother your felines

Do you like eating fries, but you’re not a fan of the oily texture it leaves behind?

Well, McDonald’s China may have found a solution for you. A feline solution, that is.

Introducing, McDonald’s cat paw grips.

IMAGE: Weibo

What could these things be, you may ask? Well, McDonald’s China has released its line of adorable cat paw grips to ensure your fry eating journey goes smoothly and cutely without any problems.


IMAGE: Weibo

It also comes in five different colors, depending on your feline of choice.

The five options available include various colors ranging from orange tabbies to pure white kitties.

IMAGE: Weibo
IMAGE: Weibo

Just look at their adorable promotional video!

According to their Weibo page, this is an ongoing promotion McDonald’s China is hosting from July 17 until July 23 to all customers. And apparently, it’s all free with a purchase from their stores.

Unfortunately, it seems that the promotion is strictly held in China only.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have one of these finger grips.

To eat fries of course, totally not to bother my cat while she’s sleeping.

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Cover image sourced from McDonald’s Weibo.