New emoji coming to iOS include ninja and pinched fingers

Remember all those times you wanted to tell someone you were actually an Italian ninja who fights beavers with a boomerang while sipping bubble tea? Well, on iOS, you’ll soon be able to say it in just five emoji characters.

Apple has revealed some of the new emojis it plans to bring to iOS this year, and Emojipedia has the rundown.

Anatomical heart is just awesome.

The full list is as follows: dodo, nesting dolls, piñata, tamale, pinched fingers, boomerang, ninja, coin, anatomical heart, beaver, transgender symbol, bubble tea, and lungs.

According to Emojipedia, there are more emoji coming to iOS this year that haven’t been previewed this year, including smiling face with tear, disguised face, and people hugging.



Apple is also adding colored face masks option to some of its Memoji.

It’s unclear when the new emoji will become available, but Engadget Japanese says we’ll likely see them on iOS 14, which launches in the fall.

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