Rising SEA brings together game creators through a four-month jam to produce beautiful, harmonious games

In a collaboration among Southeast Asian game creators across Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, Rising SEA soars from the efforts.

The multi-country initiative brought together creative minds from various disciplines to collaborate and jam together to produce eight games, all focusing on the theme “woven.”

“In Southeast Asian, history is woven into fabrics to celebrate , tell stories, and share our cultural heritage and identity,” the project’s itch.io page description reads. “Creators from across SEA will weave their talents, skill, pride, and feelings into a produced, curated and released EP (Extended Play).”

The project was brought together by Freeplay, a long-running independent games festival based in Australia celebrating fringe artists and game makers, and highlighting grassroots developers and art games.

Try out the games that have been made!

While most of the games are free and available to download, you can also support the developers by naming your own fee.

1. Naga

Play it here.

2. Woven Fates

Download it here.

3. Sound Patch

Download it here.

4. Pickup Beats

Play it here.

5. Habi

Download it here.

6. Dream

Download it here.

7. Beatweavers

Play it here.

8. Ambag

Download it here.

As the artwork, music, and games were made during the coronavirus pandemic, donations are opened to help fundraising agencies assisting people who have been affected by COVID-19.

You can also watch their panel stream explaining the behind the scenes on YouTube here.

Kudos to everyone who worked on these games! We look forward to seeing your future projects.

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Cover image sourced from @risingSEAgames and @ifnotnowgwen.