UK Internet Service Providers Will Lift Data Caps During COVID-19 Crisis

To help slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to ease the strain on healthcare systems around the world, many governments are implementing lockdowns or movement restriction orders, where they are basically asking people to stay home. For some, this means that instead of going to work or to school, these activities will be done remotely.

For those who have an internet plan with a data cap, safe to say that being stuck at home for 24 hours will no doubt result in that cap being reached very quickly, but over in the UK, the country’s major internet service providers have announced that they have come to a joint agreement that will see them temporarily lift all data caps.

This means that for now, broadband users at home will be able to enjoy unlimited data during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, thus allowing them to keep connected with friends and loved ones, while also still being able to remain productive with their work and school.

According to Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden, “It’s fantastic to see mobile and broadband providers pulling together to do their bit for the national effort by helping customers, particularly the most vulnerable, who may be struggling with bills at this difficult time. It is essential that people stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. This package helps people to stay connected whilst they stay home.”

In the meantime, other countries have also come up with alternative solutions, like over in the US where carriers will be waiving late charges and suspensions during this period of time.

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