Watch this 95-year-old’s reaction as he tries McSpicy for the first time

We all have our preferences when it comes to fast food.

For Singaporeans, it’s the McSpicy, a delicious serving of yummy chicken patty. But it appears one person is not at all impressed by what the young consume.

Enter Emerson Gideon Ng’s grandpa who experienced the McSpicy for the first time in his life.

According to Emerson when asked by Mothership, the nonagenarian had discovered the McSpicy through an advertisement and thought to give it a try.

So when McDonald’s was back in business following loosening of the Circuit Breaker, Emerson got his grandfather the burger on May 14.

In a video shared on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, Emerson’s adorable 95-year-old grandpa begins by eating the bun first.

Thankfully, Emerson was there to correct him that the bun has to be eaten together with the patty. His grandpa then proceeds to use a fork and a spoon to try out the McSpicy.

His reaction seconds later tells it all: The burger is too sour.

Allowing himself a second chance, the nonagenarian tries the burger with some garlic chili sauce in hopes to make the McSpicy more… palatable.

He pauses for a moment before… well, this is gold so you need to watch this for yourself.

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Cover image sourced from News Videos / YouTube.