You can now watch YouTube with iPhone’s Picture in Picture mode without a premium account

This is a pleasant surprise: YouTube’s mobile website now allows Picture in Picture mode on an iPhone running iOS 14.

This means that you can fire up YouTube in Chrome or Safari (so, not the YouTube app, which still doesn’t support the feature), start a video, turn on Picture in Picture mode (it becomes available after you maximize the video), and continue browsing or go to another app with the video playing in a small floating window.

Best of all, this works without a YouTube Premium account, which is typically needed for watching YouTube videos while doing other things.

Look! I’m browsing Mashable while watching a YouTube video! On an iPhone! Without a YouTube Premium account!

Image: stan schroeder/Mashable

When Apple launched the Picture in Picture feature a few weeks ago, YouTube responded by blocking it for free users (though only on the iPhone, not on iPad). Now, it appears the company has changed its mind.

The feature’s return, noticed by MacRumors, hasn’t been officially announced. It could be going away in the future, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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