YouTube Wants To Take On Amazon By Developing Its Own Shopping Platform

Following the changes YouTube has made to how ads are served and how content creators can earn from these ads, many creators are no longer solely relying on YouTube to make a living. Many are instead using platforms like Amazon where they can get a commission from products being sold by using their referral links.

Obviously this means that products purchased through Amazon means that YouTube gets nothing in the process, but this is something that the company wants to change. According to a report from Bloomberg, YouTube is apparently looking to challenge Amazon by leveraging its platform to create a shopping network of sorts.

What this means is that instead of viewers clicking on a product and being taken away from YouTube and to another platform like Amazon, viewers can instead shop for a product directly through these videos. Presumably this would give creators a cut as well for listing products that can be purchased through YouTube videos.

It also seems that there is an additional upside where content creators can look at the data in their videos to see how well these products perform in terms of sale, which in turn could allow them to fine tune what kind of products they want to advertise to generate more money for themselves. We’re not sure when YouTube will launch this on a wider scale, but until then, take it with a grain of salt.

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