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Several Major Airlines Will Accept Digital Health Passes To Prove COVID-19 Free Status

The idea of storing your health data on your smartphone might seem a little dangerous, especially if that information is leaked, but it seems that the concept might now be put to the test because starting in December, several major airlines have announced that they will start to accept digital health passes to allow passengers to prove that they are COVID-19 free.

This will be available to passengers on selected flights operated by United Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss International Air Lines, and JetBlue where they will use the CommonPass certificate on their smartphones to help prove to airlines that they are free from the virus and are allowed to travel.

Given that the effects of the pandemic will probably be felt for years to come, this seems like a good idea, especially given that it can help restart the tourism and travel industry again as we imagine that in

Meet the Microbes Living on Da Vinci’s Iconic Sketches

“Of course, we found many bacteria related with the skin microbiome,” says Piñar. “So when you are touching it, you are leaving your own microbiome there.” You might be thinking: So does that mean we now know what was crawling on da Vinci’s hands when he drew these masterpieces? Sadly, no, as the drawings have been handled by many, many other people in the five centuries since the master sketched them out. And to be clear, this genetic sequencing didn’t tell the researchers whether all these bacteria were dead or alive—just that they were present in some form.

Photograph: Pinar, et al./Frontiers in Microbiology

Among human skin microbes, the researchers found high levels of the bacteria genus Moraxella, particularly Moraxella osloensis, which is responsible for the stink of dirty laundry. In addition, they detected the infamous bacteria Salmonella and E. coli., both of which bring turmoil

Singaporean app puts you in the shoes of a story’s hero to make your jogs fun

Admit it, jogging can be quite boring. It can even feel monotonous even.

While it’s certainly good for your metabolism and health, many would find running a bore after several days in.

If only running can be exciting.

Running Stories makes your jogs fun.

While many of us prefer listening to podcasts and music, there’s a new app in town that puts you in the shoes of the hero of a story.

Meet Running Stories, a brand new audio entertainment fitness app that was created by creative agency BBH Singapore.

The app utilizes real-time data based on your environment to create an augmented audio narrative.

Heard of binge-running?

There are many titles to choose from to run. IMAGE: Running Stories.

Running Stories boasts several storylines which are often triggered as you pass certain GPS markers or landmarks, making each of your runs uniquely different.

Best part? The storylines are episodic

The $129 Poco M3 is Xiaomi’s latest budget big battery king

Xiaomi’s Poco sub-brand has launched its latest entry-level phone, the Poco M3. As with most other Poco phones, the M3 has an strong spec sheet for its comparatively low price.

The Poco M3 has a 6.53-inch 1080p LCD screen with a waterdrop notch for the 8-megapixel selfie camera. The display is pretty basic: the chin at the bottom is quite big, the fingerprint sensor is integrated into the power button on the side rather than the screen, and the panel is only 60Hz, but it’s sharp enough and perfectly serviceable.

The phone’s design certainly stands out from behind, with a large glossy camera bump emblazoned with a bright white “POCO” logo. The main camera is 48 megapixels, but the other two cameras are just 2-megapixel sensors for depth and macro, so this isn’t really a meaningful triple-camera setup. While the phone’s chassis is constructed out of plastic, it uses