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    In contrast to layman’s perception, biotechnology is not only about working in the laboratory carrying white lab coat and preparing medicines to enhance the quality of life. Good phones have improved folks’s lives- I was very late to the idea of a sensible cellphone- although I have labored in the industry for quite a few years. But now, I don’t know the way I ever lived without one. I began with a BlackBerry, went to a HTC and now I might never stay with out my iPhone. It is simply so damn convenient. I can ship and receive emails, make calls, ship and obtain texts and there are quite a few other functions that improve my life. It offers me a lot time again. I can respond to quite a lot of emails and do work throughout my down time through the day. For example, I typically write articles on …

  • Astrophysicist Gets Magnets Stuck Up His Nose While Trying To Invent A Face-Touching Sensor

    These days it’s becoming more common to see people walking about with face masks on. This is done to prevent the breathing in of the COVID-19 virus. However, the problem with face masks is that due to the fact that many of us are not used to wearing them, it can be uncomfortable which results in us touching our face more often than we should.

    This ultimately defeats the purpose of the mask, because touching our face could potentially allow the virus, which could be on our hands, to enter our body system. To help combat this problem, Australian astrophysicist Daniel Reardon came up with an idea to create a sensor that can detect and alert you if you’re about to touch your face.

    The only problem was that during the course of Reardon creating the sensor, he ended up getting a pair of magnets stuck up his nose in

  • Should I Stop Ordering Packages? Is It Ok to Get Takeout? Your Covid-19 Questions, Answered

    Create a space dedicated to work, outside of the bedroom and away from the couch, if you can. Put on some clothes you wouldn’t be totally embarrassed to enter the office in, and keep the TV off until you’re done for the day. It’s hard to believe, but when you don’t have the mental partition of a commute to and from the office to help you decompress at the end of a day, it can be difficult to disengage. Try powering down Slack or email at the end of the day and take a quick walk around the block. Even under a shelter-in-place order, most locations are letting folks get out for some fresh air and exercise. Just don’t forget to keep a little distance (about 6 feet) between you and anyone else who’s out and about.

    12. Should I avoid group gatherings?

    On March 15, the CDC expanded its

  • Here’s how coronavirus infection could have been reduced through e-wallets

    Technology has done the world a great deed. We take it for granted, but it never complains, it’s only there to serve.

    But perhaps in a time of virus outbreaks and lockdowns, taking it for granted might have not been the best of moves.

    Virus or no virus, there are already available technologies that should have been widely implemented.

    One of them is cashless payment or better known as e-wallets. It’s a form of transaction where you’ll just need to tap your phone or scan a QR code to make payments. The money will then be deducted directly from your bank account or from your e-wallet’s balance.

    It’s super-efficient and just requires a phone to do. But yet, many vendors and consumers are oblivious to its benefits.

    It would have been a safe alternative when buying supplies during the lockdown.

    IMAGE: The Daily Meal

    Last weekend, I braved the dangers

  • Sony delays almost its entire movie lineup into next year

    Sony is the latest movie studio to announce major changes to its release slate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported by Variety. Tentpole movies like Uncharted, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Peter Rabbit 2 are all seeing big delays, leaving Kevin Hart’s Fatherhood as one of the only major titles on Sony’s 2020 schedule — and that was itself brought forward to October from January.

    The upcoming third Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man movie appears to be unaffected; the Far from Home sequel’s release date was already set as July 16, 2021. Sony’s planned July 2020 movies, Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Jared Leto’s Morbius, have both been moved into next March.

    • Greyhound – TBD (from 6/12/2020)
    • Fatherhood – 10/23/2020 (from 1/15/2021)
    • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway – 1/15/2021 (from 08/07/2020)
    • Ghostbusters: Afterlife – 03/05/2021 (from 07/10/2020)
    • Morbius – 03/19/2021 (from 07/31/2020)
    • Uncharted – 10/8/2021 (from 03/05/2021)
    • Untitled Sony/Marvel
  • How Does Expertise Have an effect on Us

    Science has superior to a really giant extent and has touched our lives in each manner. All college students ought to normally have the ability to full their programme of research with out incurring additional study costs over and above the tutoring fee for that programme. can technology save the environment Any unavoidable further compulsory costs totalling greater than 1% of the annual home undergraduate charge each year, no matter whether the programme in question is undergraduate or postgraduate taught, can be made clear to you on the point of utility. Further data may be found within the College’s Policy on extra costs incurred by students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes (PDF document, 91KB).

    The first networking card was created in 1973, allowing data transfer between linked computers. This is much like the Internet, but permits for the computer systems to attach with out use of the Web. We …