• How the Coronavirus Got to Donald Trump

    So it was no surprise to epidemiologists like Smith that this strategy failed. “We can’t test our way out of this. We can’t rely only on diagnostics to keep things under control,” Smith says. Tests can be wrong. They can miss that crucial window when people become contagious. And because up to a third of people who contract the virus may never show symptoms, some infected people never do get tested—but they can still infect others. That’s why Smith says we also need the basics: “Masking, limited gatherings, social distancing, all the things we’ve been urging from the beginning, that unfortunately the Trump administration has ignored or outright mischaracterized and minimized.”

    This isn’t just speculation. In a study currently under review, Hanage and his collaborators describe a simulation that tested the idea that testing, by itself, is enough. They simulated a community raging with virus, and then they modeled

  • SpaceX aborts launch of updated GPS satellite just before takeoff

    Update October 2nd, 10:00PM ET: Just 2 seconds before liftoff, SpaceX stopped the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket, without giving a clear indication of what went wrong. The next opportunity for SpaceX to fly is Saturday evening, though a launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

    Original Story: Late Friday night, SpaceX is slated to launch a new upgraded GPS satellite for the US Space Force from Cape Canaveral, Florida — the latest spacecraft intended to help modernize the current GPS fleet. This will be the fourth GPS satellite of its kind to launch in the last three years, and the third one to be launched by SpaceX.

    The satellite going up on this flight is GPS III SV04, which will become one of the 31 primary GPS satellites in orbit. This vehicle is part of a new block of GPS III spacecraft intended to slowly replace the current aging

  • Iman Vellani makes Marvel history as first onscreen Muslim-American hero Ms. Marvel

    Disney Plus’ new show Ms. Marvel has finally cast its lead role of Kamala Khan. It’s none other than newcomer Iman Vellani.

    According to Deadline, Vellani will be playing Kamala Khan who goes by the pseudonym Ms. Marvel in the show. Kamala Khan is a 16-year-old Muslim teenager who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She also looks up to Captain Marvel.

    According to Marvel, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) never dreamt she’d have the opportunity to join her role models in safeguarding society from the forces of evil.

    “With an inhuman ability to alter shape and size, the newest Ms. Marvel employs an idealistic attitude as much as any power to make the world a better place.”

    IMAGE: Marvel

    According to Variety, Vellani won the role after a really long and tedious search. Vellani refers to herself as a Pakistani-American-Muslim teenager with immigrant parents, making her perfect