• Australia’s Koalas Are ‘Sliding Towards Extinction’ 

    This story originally appeared in The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

    The koala is being considered for official listing as endangered after the summer’s bushfire disaster and ongoing habitat destruction on the east coast forced the government to reconsider its threat status.

    The iconic species, which is currently listed as vulnerable under national environment laws, is among 28 animals that could have their threat status upgraded, Australia’s federal environment minister, Sussan Ley, said on Friday, September 25.

    The greater glider, which had 30 percent of its habitat range affected by the bushfire crisis, is also being assessed to determine whether it should move from vulnerable to endangered, while several frog and fish species, including the Pugh’s frog and the Blue Mountains perch, are being considered for critically endangered listings.

    Several Kangaroo Island species, including the Kangaroo Island crimson rosella and Kangaroo Island white-eared honeyeater, are among

  • First PS5 hands-on videos show off hardware and games, but no UI

    Sony has invited a number of Japanese publications and YouTubers to get a closer look at the PlayStation 5. It’s the first time we’ve seen the PS5 hardware outside of leaked images from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission. A variety of publications have now published detailed hands-on images of the PS5, providing a more realistic look at how big the console is and gameplay of titles like Astro’s Playroom and Godfall.

    4gamer.net has published photos of the PS5 standing both vertically and horizontally, demonstrating how the stand works in either position to hold the console in place. Some photos also show how the PS5 will cool itself, and 4gamer.net notes that it wasn’t able to hear the fan inside the console or feel much heat exhausting from it during its limited time with the hardware.

    PS5 standing vertically.

    PS5 light.

    Although these PS5 hands-ons are clearly in a

  • You can now watch YouTube with iPhone’s Picture in Picture mode without a premium account

    This is a pleasant surprise: YouTube’s mobile website now allows Picture in Picture mode on an iPhone running iOS 14.

    This means that you can fire up YouTube in Chrome or Safari (so, not the YouTube app, which still doesn’t support the feature), start a video, turn on Picture in Picture mode (it becomes available after you maximize the video), and continue browsing or go to another app with the video playing in a small floating window.

    Best of all, this works without a YouTube Premium account, which is typically needed for watching YouTube videos while doing other things.

    Look! I’m browsing Mashable while watching a YouTube video! On an iPhone! Without a YouTube Premium account!

    Image: stan schroeder/Mashable

    When Apple launched the Picture in Picture feature a few weeks ago, YouTube responded by blocking it for free users (though only on the iPhone, not on iPad). Now, it appears

  • Supporting SMEs’ Internationalisation By way of A Deeper Understanding Of Human And Technology Obstacles

    On the subject of personal grooming and hygiene, most individuals spend extra time thinking about how they can get rid of disturbing and undesirable hair. Expertise has taken art into a brand new degree of creativity. Allow us to discuss how expertise has changed traditional art into digital art. We know that internet is ruling the world with its energy. So, artists determined to current their artwork online with the help of internet. That is attainable with use of know-how. Instructing contains a large number of sources on this century. Academics are capable of successfully prepare college students in any topic, with print textbooks, internet assets, and interactive know-how. Theories abound in our current day culture. Lecturers are to assist college students to be seekers of the reality, and often this implies learning varying opinions to seek out the one best suited for presentation.

    Algorithms, synthetic intelligence, and machine studying …