• ‘The Wire’ Inspired a Fake Turtle Egg That Spies on Poachers

    So how exactly do you fool an egg thief so thoroughly? Thank a material called Ninja Flex, which has a squishiness that approximates that of a sea turtle egg. By loading Ninja Flex into a 3D printer, Williams-Guillen could build an egg case that was flexible, yet strong. “After many iterations, we were able to get to something that really feels reasonably like a turtle egg and looks like a turtle egg,” says Williams-Guillen. Given that poachers are emptying turtle nests at night, feeling through the sand and relying largely on touch, they apparently fall for the ruse.

    Williams-Guillen prints the InvestEGGator all in one piece. “I’m able to go in and open it with an X-ACTO knife, squish it open enough to shove the transmitter in there, and then glue that back shut,” she says. Think of this transmitter as a tiny version of your cell phone. “We really

  • Slack is down… to collaborate on these limited-edition sneakers

    Shoemaker Cole Haan is collaborating with Slack, everyone’s favorite occasionally offline workplace messaging service on a new pair of limited-edition sneakers. The Slack-branded shoes are expected to be properly unveiled Wednesday when they’re set to “drop” (am I saying that right?). But for now Cole Haan has teased the designs in a dimly lit image posted to its social media channels.

    I may live to regret saying this but… I actually don’t hate the look of them? Cole Haan is producing four different versions of the sneaker which each use one of Slack’s primary colors for their soles, and they all have small Slack logos on the heel cap. To be clear, I am absolutely not in the market for a pair of workplace-messaging-app-branded sneakers, but if I were then these are probably the ones I’d go for.

    According to Cole Haan’s landing page for the sneakers, they were

  • Indonesia’s film industry is struggling because of COVID-19. Here’s how data will save it.

    Across the globe, millions of seats in cinemas are now left empty as the unseen enemy, COVID-19, lurks in public spaces.

    In 2019, Bloomberg had dubbed Indonesia’s film industry as “the next biggest scene” for the year.

    Fast forward to 2020, the industry is among those significantly impacted by the pandemic.

    Why is it important to rescue the Indonesian film industry?

    ‘Ratu Ilmu Hitam’. IMAGE: GoPlay.

    Within five years, Indonesia’s film industry grew rapidly.

    In 2018, the Southeast Asian nation’s box office takings reached a whopping US$355 million, a testament to the talent and interest people have for the films produced.

    This led Indonesia to become the 15th biggest market in the world and sixth largest in the Asia Pacific.

    By 2020, before the ill-fated pandemic struck, local films were estimated to account for 55 percent of the films released. That’s more than half.

    However, as more