• Razer Gets Into The Payment Card Game With The Razer Card

    Ever since Apple announced the Apple Card, we’re starting to see more tech companies hop on board the credit card bandwagon, and now it looks like Razer is interested in offering something similar of their own called (unsurprisingly) the Razer Card.

    In concept, the Razer Card is pretty similar to other similar cards where it can be used to facilitate digital payments through Razer Pay, as well as being used as a physical card that you might use at a retail outlet. However, unlike Apple Pay, the Razer Card is more like a prepaid card where you load money on it before you use it.

    In a way, this is better because it won’t put you in unnecessary debt, and you could also argue that it is safer because if someone were to steal it, they wouldn’t be able to go on a crazy spending spree, unless of course you

  • Testing Alone Won’t Stop Covid. Just Look at the White House

    “Testing alone is not actually protective of anybody without a contact tracing and isolation program, and without use of masks and distancing to make sure that Covid-19 doesn’t spread,” says Smith.

    For a time this year, it looked like more testing might let the country get back to work even without a vaccine, says Nancy Delogu, a lawyer at the firm Littler who is working on Covid testing issues. But the CDC last month recommended against a test-based strategy in most workplaces. “It’s not the answer we all want,” says Delogu. “We want to hear that if someone tests negative, we can bring them back to work and they don’t have to wear a mask all day.”

    In fact, the science

  • Learn Your MSc At Techincal College Of Denmark

    Asian Network for Scientific Info is a number one service supplier to the publishers of Science, Expertise and Drugs (STM) in Asia. 1:48Skip to 1 minute and forty eight seconds So 4 relations between people and applied sciences in the work of Don Ihde that help us to understand what applied sciences do to humans. In the event you take a closer have a look at them, you see technology moving ever additional away from the human, because it had been, from being embodied, to being read, to being interacted with, to being the context of our expertise. On the extremes of these four is definitely extra. Contemporary technologies challenge the framework of Don Ihde, you might say. Extra intimate than embodied know-how, as an illustration, is a know-how with which we bodily merge, like a prosthetic leg, as an illustration. Particularly the advanced ones that also offers you sensations. …

  • Fiido D11 folding electric bike review: $999 and worth it

    Not everyone can afford a premium electric bike with prices that usually start at $2,000. But what if you could spend half that and still grab yourself a good-enough e-bike that’s suitable for long urban commutes and flexible enough to toss into the trunk of your car, roll onto a train, or carry home to your fifth-floor walkup? That’s what I hoped to find with the newest folding e-bike from the Chinese brand Fiido, which recently started selling directly into the European and North American markets.

    The Fiido D11 ticks all the boxes: it’s available for as little as $999.99, has a claimed range of up to 100km, and folds into a tiny transportable package. It also looks nice.

    But is it any good?

  • If your boss disturbingly lacks faith in you, get them this menacing bust of Darth Vader

    Do you have a boss whom you loathe but have no choice but to work for because you need your job to pay the bills and bring food to the table?

    Here’s a tip: Find out their birthday and get them this awesome but menacing Darth Vader bust from Royal Selangor. No, I’m serious!

    Imagine walking into your boss’ room and you see this. IMAGE: Royal Selangor.

    Jokes aside, this bust of Darth Vader stands approximately 21cm tall and is displays one of the Sith lords’ iconic pose: The ‘force choke’.

    With Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back turning 40 this October, 2020, the world’s largest pewter manufacturer and retailer recently released this thing of beauty to celebrate the occasion.

    The bust is rich with Lucasfilm-approved details and comes in three variants: In brilliant pewter, 24K gilt (limited to 300 pieces worldwide) and brilliant finish pewter with a tinted clearcoat