• Check It Out, Razer Now Makes Gaming Chairs

    Razer makes many gaming peripherals and accessories, like keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, microphones, and so on. However, it seems that the company is turning its eye towards gaming furniture, or more specifically, gaming chairs as they have officially unveiled their first gaming chair – the Iskur.

    Gaming chairs have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years where more gamers and streamers are starting to adopt them, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Razer wants in on the action as well. The Iskur is made from high-density foam and uses multi-layered synthetic leather.

    There is also a fully-sculpted lumbar support with a texture that some have compared to the underbelly of a snake, which we guess is appropriate given Razer’s mascot. It also features 4D armrests that can be lifted up, pushed down, moved forwards or backups, left, right, and rotated inwards or

  • New York Is Trying Targeted Lockdowns. Will It Curb Covid?

    New York—unlike Meyers’ home state, she notes, and most of the US—is currently in the stage of containing flare-ups, and there are advantages. It’s possible to hurl resources at a localized problem, testing and tracing aggressively, or targeting education and, if absolutely necessary, enforcement, like fines or citations. (Cuomo has blamed a lack of enforcement for the rise in infections.) In places like Japan and South Korea, officials have had success containing outbreaks by tracing contacts backwards to investigate the super-spreading events that cause a disproportionate number of infections, a technique known as “cluster busting,” Scarpino notes. It only works when the overall rate of infection is low.

    New York City is trying something different. In some ways, the block-by-block plan is a micro-scale reflection of the national pandemic strategy, in which virus interventions were largely left up to individual states, counties, and cities. We all know how that went.

  • Grounded airline planes turned into pop-up restaurants sell out in 30 minutes

    Amidst plunging revenues due to the pandemic, Singapore Airlines is turning two of its Airbus A380 planes parked at Changi Airport into impromptu restaurants on October 24th and 25th, and it’s proved surprisingly popular. Bloomberg reports that all seats at the restaurants sold out within 30 minutes of bookings opening, as people rushed to recapture the excitement of balancing a tiny meal on an even tinier fold-down airline table.

    I admit I normally quite like airplane food, but that’s probably because it’s something to focus my attention on beyond an endless series of films I was never interested enough in to see in the cinema. Singapore Airlines is selling four different tiers of meals according to Bloomberg, ranging from a meal in a suite for around $474, right down to an economy experience for the equivalent of $39. Around half the planes’ seats will be available for dining to

  • A macaque is touring around Singapore’s Marina Bay and his photos are stunning

    Many people have been staying at home, trying to limit their time outside as much as possible as we combat the coronavirus.

    But it seems like one Singapore resident is taking advantage of the peace and quiet to take a tour around the island city-state.

    A lone male macaque was spotted on October 2, 2020, chilling at Marina Bay and enjoying the sights without the usual crowd of tourists.

    Sabrina K. Nguyen told Mothership that she thought the animal was a squirrel at first, but soon realized it was undeniably a primate.

    IMAGE: Mothership
    IMAGE: Mothership

    The macaque also had plenty of photo ops thanks to Nguyen and can I just say, this monkey poses better than I do.

    If it had an Instagram page, I might probably follow it to be honest.

    IMAGE: Mothership
    IMAGE: Mothership
    IMAGE: Mothership

    Just look at that side profile. That’s a true model.

  • Computers

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