• YouTube Wants To Take On Amazon By Developing Its Own Shopping Platform

    Following the changes YouTube has made to how ads are served and how content creators can earn from these ads, many creators are no longer solely relying on YouTube to make a living. Many are instead using platforms like Amazon where they can get a commission from products being sold by using their referral links.

    Obviously this means that products purchased through Amazon means that YouTube gets nothing in the process, but this is something that the company wants to change. According to a report from Bloomberg, YouTube is apparently looking to challenge Amazon by leveraging its platform to create a shopping network of sorts.

    What this means is that instead of viewers clicking on a product and being taken away from YouTube and to another platform like Amazon, viewers can instead shop for a product directly through these videos. Presumably this would give creators a cut as well

  • In the US, 50 States Could Mean 50 Vaccine Rollout Strategies

    Sometime in the next months—before the end of the year, according to optimists, or more likely early in 2021—the United States will have a vaccine for Covid-19. We don’t know which formula will be first to the finish line. We don’t know if that vaccine will be released under an emergency use authorization or a standard new-drug approval. We don’t even know how many doses will be available. But one thing is certain: The task of getting the shot into arms falls to state governments and health departments. And because each state is different—in geography, density, income, and in the trust its residents do (or don’t) have in their leaders—each state is going to have to devise its own plan.

    Our attempt to control the coronavirus, in other words, isn’t going to be one war. It’s going to be at least 50 separate battles—maybe 56, if you count

  • Google is making US voting locations easier to find via search and its Assistant

    Google is adding new election features to its voice assistant, Google Search, and Google Maps, to make it easier for US citizens to find voting locations ahead of the election next month. In Google Search, queries like “early voting locations” and “ballot drop boxes near me” will give details about where you can vote in person or return mail-in ballots, while asking the Google Assistant where to vote will “soon” provide relevant information on your phone, speaker, or smart display, Google says.

    Then, once you’ve found a location, Google says its Maps service can now give you directions to voting or ballot drop box locations, and will provide information about voting hours.

    Information like this is especially important this year given many more voters are expected to use mail-in ballots in light of the pandemic. Google says it has partnered

  • OnePlus is working with CD Projekt Red to release a Cyberpunk 2077-theme phone

    Two of my most favourite companies are working together to release a limited edition phone.

    Polish video game developer CD Projekt Red and Chinese phone developer OnePlus are working together to release a Cyberpunk 2077-themed version of the OnePlus 8T.

    The phone company revealed this limited edition phone during its OnePlus 8T launch in China on October 15, 2020. OnePlus, however, failed to mention what makes this different from the regular phone.

    Not much can be seen on the phone but based on Android Authority, the sides of the phone will come with Cyberpunk 2077’s iconic yellow which glows. But, again, it’s still unknown if that’s just fancy graphics or the real-deal will come with glowing edges. I can only imagine it will not be good for battery life.

    OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that they worked closely with CD Projekt Red on the phone’s design, and